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Fibre & ADSL Broadband

Whatever you want to do online, we’ve got you covered. Our range of fast, superfast and ultrafast connection options provides you with the speed you need, no matter your requirements. And unlike other providers, we won’t slow you down, limit your downloads or restrict your usage. With Rade you can enjoy broadband the way it was meant to be! Our partnerships with complimentary businesses such as Zen Internet and FluidOne allow us to offer a wide range of Internet connectivity including fibre, and traditional ADSL Internet access. 

We are partners with Zen for their reliability and superb support, for which they continually win awards. We can rely on their diagnostics tools to better manage your connection and check its health.

FluidOne are an exclusively business-to-business provider who pioneer innovative, high speed Internet services. As an Independent Telecommunications Carrier they are not tied into relationships with single suppliers. This enables us to create bespoke solutions with increased flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Woman on a laptop outside a server room

Ultrafast fibre broadband

Delivered through Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or, for the ultimate broadband connection speeds.

  • 300Mbps average download speed
  • unlimited downloads

Great for: Heavy internet users who simply can’t get by without the best connectivity. We offer Ultrafast Broadband packages with endless benefits, ranging from rapid download and upload speeds to truly unlimited usage. For busy households or businesses with multiple users looking for stable, high-performance connectivity even under the most demanding conditions.

A man working at a computer

Superfast fibre broadband

Very reliable, with faster downloads and smoother streaming than traditional ADSL.

  • 38Mbps-66Mbps average download speed
  • unlimited downloads

Great for: Connecting multiple devices at the same time so the whole family can enjoy smooth connectivity, from uploading or downloading photos to watching movies, gaming and listening to music. Also suitable for medium sized businesses.

Woman's hands working on a laptop

ADSL broadband

The most commonly available broadband, delivered through the copper wires of your phone line.

  • 10Mbps average download speed
  • unlimited downloads

Great for:  Those who need to complete simple tasks like browsing, social media and emailing. With an average download speed of 10Mbps you can stream video and audio too. A simple, inexpensive option for basic internet use.  Suitable for home users as well as start-ups and very small businesses.

For further details on Rade's connectivity solutions please call us on 01502 478000 or email us with your requirements.